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Pertanyaan B. inggris

Jack ______________ (live) in Boston for the past 15 years. Janet ______________ (work) for Smith and Brothers before she came to work for us. Dad ______________ (you/finish) reading the paper yet? I would love to visit Prague sometime. Unfortunately, I ______________ (be/never) there. Peter ______________ (play) tennis for five years when he ______________ (be) at school. I ______________ (work) in Italy for 5 years. I ______________ (begin) working as soon as I arrived. I'm afraid I'm not hungry. I ______________ (eat/already). When Jack was at school, he ______________ (learn) to play the saxophone. He ______________ (play) it ever since. Maria lives in Boston. Before she ______________ (move) here, she ______________ (live) in Seattle for 3 years. Peter ______________ (go) to Paris last year. That means that he ______________ (be) to Paris 3 times! Just a moment! I ______________ (think/not) of a good idea yet! How long ______________ (you/live) there before coming here? When ________________ (join/you) the company? ___________________ (you, work) in Pakistan? He's the most difficult customer I __________________ (deal with). I ___________________ (speak) to him last week. We______________ (sign) a binding contract last year and it is still valid. The reason I look so brown is that I _______________ (come back/just) from a business trip to Barbados. Sales ________ in 1995 but then ___________   in 1996. (rise, fall) I ____________ (see, not) her since last year. They ____________ (leave) a few minutes ago. She ____________ (be) unemployed since she left school. The contract ____________ (sign) last Monday. Look - someone ____________ (leave) their handbag in the room. Nobody ____________ (answer) the phone when it rang. I never ____________ (know) my grandmother as she died before I was born. It's the first time I ____________ (eat) caviar. The first time we ____________ (speak) was just the other day. A Picasso painting _____________ (steal) from the Prado museum. The house _____________ (paint/not) yet.​